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BIRD Box fans reckon there are FOUR hidden meanings behind the hit horror movie that has broken streaming records this Christmas.

Sandra Bullock’s Netflix debut started streaming last Friday and the 45 million fans that have already watched the flick are scrambling to work out what it all means.

NINTCHDBPICT0004585919051 - Bird Box viewers claim there are FOUR hidden meanings in Netflix horror movie - The Sun

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Bird Box has taken the world by storm since launching on Netflix earlier this month

Actress Sandra plays a mum-of-two living in a post-apocalyptic world where anyone opening their eyes outside the home is instantly infected by something that forces them to violently kill themselves.

The invisible monsters, blindfolds and squawking birds have all been interpreted as symbols commenting on everything from fear of becoming a parent to the dangers of social media in the modern age.

We look at the four most talked about theories behind the horror flick’s hidden meaning – watch out for plot spoilers ahead.

1. Fear of becoming a parent

NINTCHDBPICT0004585919732 - Bird Box viewers claim there are FOUR hidden meanings in Netflix horror movie - The Sun

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Sandra Bullock is the star of Netflix’s terrifying new film Bird Box

Most of the film concentrates on Sandra Bullock’s character Malorie and her complex feelings about becoming a mother.

Many viewers have commented it accurately depicts the “anguish” of being a parent – and Sandra herself has weighed in on this too.

“Every mom will look at this and go, ‘That river is my journey as a parent,'” she told Variety.

Bird Box director Susanne Bier added: “There are a lot of things that are part of our idealised vision of motherhood, but I always thought it was much more complex, much more ferocious… I think that’s what Sandra gives it.”

2. Cautionary tale about social media

During the first scene Malorie is seen painting a big canvas of a collection of people that her sister says look “lonely” despite being close together.

But Malorie explains: “It’s really about people’s inability to connect. The loneliness is just incidental.”

And several viewers have taken the early dialogue to reveal the entire film’s meaning is about our unhealthy dependence on social media.

3. Mental health awareness

During the film it quickly becomes apparent that people suffering from mental health problems are not affected by the invisible creature.

And some fans suggested that this is because “these are people who deal with their demons daily”.

So those who haven’t already confronted their own demons kill themselves because they have “so much baggage buried deep in their souls that they couldn’t handle being confronted by it”.

Meanwhile others have suggested that the movie is about mental health and suicide awareness.

They point to the fact that Sandra Bullock’s character couldn’t understand why her sister Jessica killed herself.

“Jess does not get sad,” Malorie reasons after witnessing her sister’s suicide.

Bird Box on Netflix showed two glimpses of the terrifying monsters which force people to commit suicide

4. Faith-filled religious undertones

Throughout the film the surviving characters wear blindfolds and many have taken this to represent a blind leap of faith.

Many fans are looking to the bible when attempting to interpret the film and sharing the quote: “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

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